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Filters &  Pumps
Tropical Fish Lighting
Hang on Filters Canister Filters Wet/Dry Filters Full line of  filter media, chemicals and accessories From companies like: Aquatop Aquaclear Cascade Pro Clear Marineland Coralife

From basic strip lights to reef LED systems


Lots of Aquariums!

We stock tanks from 2.5 to 220 Gallons

And the Stands to Put Them on

From simple iron to Gorgeous Maple Cabinets

AllGlass * Marineland * Perfecto

Aquawood * R&J Enerprises

Reef Gear

Protein Skimmers

U.V. Sterilizers

Reaction Chambers


Marine Fish
The Natural Look? Or out-of-this-world? We have the decor to make your tank beautiful and unique
Live Plants Realistic deco plants w/ weighted bases Rocks & Slate Large variety of woods Resin ornaments and corals Lifelike silicone anemones and jellyfish
Be sure to click into our aquatic reference section to find brief but informative articles to help answer common questions and problems.


FishTalk Library
Keep Aquariums Healthy
Fish From Around the World
Special Blend

Omega One Veggie Rounds

You’ll notice that Omega’s discs have a more intense green color than other brands – this is because they don’t skimp on the good stuff. In fact, the fresh ocean kelp used in this product is harvested by hand from the Gulf of Alaska. Learn More Learn More Check it out!
MICROBE-LIFT/Special Blend
  The bacteria in Special Blend provide the assistance needed to break down the decaying organic matter and cycle certain elements, e.g. nitrogen and sulfur, etc. which may build up in your tank.